My Rights


My Responsibilities

1.  I want you to listen to me

 1. I will listen to other people 
2. I want to be treated with respect – this means giving me care, kindness and empathy 2.  I will treat people with respect and be kind and caring 
3. I want you to be understanding when I have a hard day 3.  I will try to understand other people’s point of view 
4. I want to have choices about the things I do, when I do them and what I eat 4.  I understand that sometimes I will need to wait or take my turn 
5. I want to be protected from harm and danger 5.  I will not harm people or ignore staff when there is danger 
6. I want to feel emotionally safe and know if I am worried staff will support me and protect me 6. I will tell staff or my parent/carer when I am worried or feel unsafe 
7. I want staff to pay attention to me and be present and interested in me 7. I will pay attention to other people and be interested in them 
8. I want equality and to be treated fairly 8. I will treat other people equally and fairly 
9. I want good communication with staff and my peers 9. I will try to be a good communicator with staff and my peers 
10. I will not be called names, put down or have any violence by other people 10. I will not call people names, put other people down or be violent (or spit) 
11. I want to be told what is happening and for staff to be on time – or tell me if they are late. 11.  I will not bully or ignore other people 
12. I will not be bullied or ignored